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Subjectext4: media error but where?

(Note that this drive is in thinkpad x60, and never met olpc or nor
had any problems).

pavel@duo:~$ uname -a
Linux duo 3.15.0-rc8+ #365 SMP Mon Jun 9 09:18:29 CEST 2014 i686

EXT4-fs (sda3): error count: 11
EXT4-fs (sda3): initial error at 1401714179: ext4_mb_generate_buddy:756
EXT4-fs (sda3): last error at 1401714179: ext4_reserve_inode_write:4877

That sounds like media error to me?

But there's nothing in smart:

SMART Error Log Version: 1
No Errors Logged

SMART Self-test log structure revision number 1

I rebooted (into 3.14), and fsck claims filesystem is marked as
clean...? I did fsck -f, no problems.

Heh, now fsck -cf runs, and I got the same kernel messages. fsck says:
"updating bad block inode", but it does not say how many badblocks it
found (if any). At the end it says "filesystem was modified" and
"reboot linux", so I assume it found something? OTOH dumpe2fs -b
/dev/sda3 does not report anything.

What is going on there?

Best regards,
(cesky, pictures)

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