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SubjectRe: [PATCH -repost 05/21] kgr: update Kconfig documentation
On 06/27/2014 09:18 PM, Pavel Machek wrote:
>>> This now writes:
>>> + help
>>> + Select this to enable kGraft online kernel patching. The
>>> + runtime price is nearly zero, so it is safe to say Y here
>>> + provided you are aware of all the consequences (e.g. in
>>> + security).
>>> Is it OK with you?
>> This might cause a false impression that we are actually opening a
>> security hole into a system, which is not true at all.
>> Yes, backdoor writeres might (or might not) make use of kGraft API, but
>> they have gazillion of other comparable options (*probes, ftrace,
>> text_poke(), ...).
>> I'd perhaps propose something like
>> "Select this to enable kGraft live kernel patching. The runtime penalty is
>> nearly zero, so it is safe to say Y here if you want the kernel to expose
>> API for live patching to modules".
> Well. People that are not distro vendors will not prepare patches for
> themselves, right?

Hi, why do you believe so? But it is not so important, see below.

> And patches prepared for suse will not work on
> self-configured kernels.
> So probably everyone should say "N" here...

The text is formulated correctly and satisfies your concerns, I think.
Say Y, if you want the API...

suse labs

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