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Subject[RFC 0/2] prctl: set-mm -- Rework interface

While been implementing c/r for user-namespaces we found that
having CAP_SYS_RESOURCE requirement in prctl set-mm opcode is somewhat
inconvenient and doesn't allow us to proceed restore of user-ns
since we loose CAP_SYS_RESOURCE upon new user-ns creation.

So it looks better to provide new interface and deprecate old one
leaving cap-sys-resource behind.

I would highly appreciate any comments on validate_prctl_map_locked()
helper in second patch which tests for new struct mm_struct values
being sane. I hope I didn't miss something obvious but as fas as
I see even using some "bad" values can't affect the kernel since
members are used mostly for statistics purpose.

Please take a look once time permit, any comments are highly


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