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SubjectRe: [Linuxwacom-devel] [PATCH 06/15] Input - wacom: install LED/OLED sysfs files in the HID device instead of USB

Quoting Benjamin Tissoires <>:

> Removes one more dependency over USB, but requires some changes in
> the user space to find the sysfs files correctly.
> This patch breaks the user space. However, the number of program
> accessing the LEDs is quite limited and we can easily patch them
> to handle the new HID behavior.
Hi Bejnamin,
If you get the green light to break the user space we might as well
think about getting it in line with led/oled over bluetooth (intuos4
wireless) or the other way around.

The biggest user of led/oled functionality is gnome and there are also
a few small projects that would stop working after that change. I can
fix i4oled project easily, i4oled-gui is based on gnome handling oleds.

Patching those 2 should be enough to fix gnome:

Przemo Firszt

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