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SubjectRe: sizeof (struct tYpO *) : it is just a typo or rather a bug ?
On Thu, Jul 24, 2014 at 10:20 PM, Toralf Förster <> wrote:
> Inspired by this "typo" fix
> I grep'ed the current git tree of linus for similar issues.
> For these 4 places I'm wondering where the appropriate struct definition is located :
> arch/ia64/sn/kernel/io_acpi_init.c: sizeof(struct pci_devdev_info *)) {
> tools/perf/builtin-sched.c: sched->tasks = realloc(sched->tasks, sched->nr_tasks * sizeof(struct task_task *));
> fs/ceph/xattr.c: xattrs = kcalloc(numattr, sizeof(struct ceph_xattr *),
> fs/ceph/xattr.c: memset(xattrs, 0, numattr*sizeof(struct ceph_xattr *));

Heh, the ceph one is a five year old typo.. Looks like it should be
struct ceph_inode_xattr, I'll fix it up. I'm curious though, how did
you grep for these?


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