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SubjectRe: [PATCH] tty/tty_io.c: make a check before reuse cdev
于 2014年07月24日 00:07, One Thousand Gnomes 写道:
>> Very nice solution. We will check if this can cause any risk, both to kernel and user space.
>> Using a new tty base to register with new cdevs may give us more chance to wait PROCESS quit/close.
>> when total 256 tty used up, what we should do is still in discuss.
> At that point you may want to look at how fuser works and create some
> kind of policy manager needs to kill problem tasks owning a device.
> Or in theory there is no reason nowdays we can't go above 256 devices -
> in theory 8)

hi, Alan
Thanks for your nice comments.
In theory it can go over 256 devices, In fact, it will waste more memories. :)
We really need a policy manager that works well.
FT guys may offer it one day. it's a little long time maybe. :(

When I was a student, I heard you leave from kernel.
Welcome back to kernel, I didn't know that you are back. So sorry.

> Alan
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