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SubjectRe: [PATCH 00/14] cpufreq: cpu0: Extend support beyond CPU0, V2
On 18 July 2014 09:47, Viresh Kumar <> wrote:
>> Before I apply anything in this area, I need a clear statement from the ARM
>> people as a group on what the approach is going to be.

@Rafael: The only patch which has blocked this set is:

cpufreq: cpu0: Extend support beyond CPU0

This is about finding which CPUs share clock line..

Other patches are sort of independent of this one and cpufreq-cpu0 would
continue to work for existing platforms if we apply these patches.

I was wondering if you would like to apply other patches leaving this one?
I will then rebase stuff again and send non-controversial patches for 3.17.
So, that we get something in 3.17 and the last change can be merged during
rc's as well once we finalize on bindings..

> Mike/Rob/Stephen: I believe Atleast three of you should express your views
> now :)

Any idea on how can we get some temporary solution for 3.17 as we didn't
conclude anything yet on bindings ?


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