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SubjectReading large amounts from /dev/urandom broken
Dear developers, please check bugzilla ticket (not the initial
issue, but starting with comment#3.

Reading from /dev/urandom gives EOF after 33554431 bytes. I believe
it is introduced by commit 79a8468747c5f95ed3d5ce8376a3e82e0c5857fc,
with the chunk

nbytes = min_t(size_t, nbytes, INT_MAX >> (ENTROPY_SHIFT + 3));

which is described in commit message as "additional paranoia check to
prevent overly large count values to be passed into urandom_read()".

I don't know why people pull such large amounts of data from urandom,
but given today there are two bugreports regarding problems doing
that, i consider that this is practiced.

Andrey Utkin

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