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SubjectRE: mpt2sas stuck installing

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> From: [mailto:linux-scsi-
>] On Behalf Of Joe Lawrence
> In your crash stack trace, the scsi error handler has issued a host
> reset, but then crashed in mpt2sas_base_get_iocstate. Reading through
> _scsih_shutdown, I don't believe that the mpt2sas .shutdown path takes
> any precaution before heading down mpt2sas_base_detach to free adapter
> resources. The ordinary .remove path looks similar, though it does
> call sas_remove_host before freeing resources, *then* scsi_remove_host
> and scsi_host_put.
> I wonder if this ordering needs to be reversed (and added to
> _scsih_shutdown) to properly de-register from the SCSI midlayer prior
> to removing the controller instance.
> Regards,
> -- Joe

Nagalakshmi was working on an mpt3sas patch for the scsi-mq tree
to do just that. I don't recall if the patch has made it into the
scsi-mq tree yet. Apparently it's also needed for non-mq and mpt2sas.

It is making this change:
> sas_remove_host(shost);
> + scsi_remove_host(shost);
> mpt3sas_base_detach(ioc);
> list_del(&ioc->list);
> - scsi_remove_host(shost);
> scsi_host_put(shost);

We are making a similar change in hpsa. Doing so led to a general
protection fault, which unveiled that we also needed to change
cancel_delayed_work() calls to cancel_delayed_work_sync() to
ensure there are no worker functions still active after the
scsi_host structure is unregistered.

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