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SubjectRe: + shmem-fix-faulting-into-a-hole-while-its-punched-take-2.patch added to -mm tree
On 07/10/2014 03:37 AM, Hugh Dickins wrote:
> I do think that the most useful thing you could do at the moment,
> is to switch away from running trinity on -next temporarily, and
> run it instead on Linus's current git or on 3.16-rc4, but with
> f00cdc6df7d7 reverted and my "take 2" inserted in its place.
> That tree would also include Heiko's seq_buf_alloc() patch, which
> trinity on -next has cast similar doubt upon: at present, we do
> not know if Heiko's patch and my patch are bad in themselves,
> or exposing other bugs in 3.16-rc, or exposing bugs in -next.

Funny enough, Linus's tree doesn't even boot properly here. It's
going to take longer than I expected...


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