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SubjectRe: [PATCH v7 10/33] net: dummy - set name assign type

>> The same goes for NET_NAME_USER and NET_NAME_RENAMED. These are the same
>> from a kernel point of view.
> You mean to collapse the two, and just label renamed interfaces
> NET_NAME_USER instead?

I have no real objections to merging NAME_USER and NAME_RENAMED. Both
values imply that there is a user-space authority that applied some
kind of rules to the naming-scheme. Therefore, anyone reacting to
those names should better treat them equally and fix the
naming-authority instead of overwriting it.

However, at the same time I think there's no real harm in keeping them
separate, either. My original thinking was to provide a second layer
for anyone overwriting system defaults. For instance, if there's a
user-space given name and a system-administrator wants to rename that
for administrative purposes, they can safely match on NAME_USER and be
sure, it wasn't renamed, yet. If it is set to NAME_RENAMED, though,
then the administrator has some kind of safety-net that tells him he
already has a rule that renamed the device and he shouldn't add
another one (like placing one in initrd and one in the real root).

Anyhow, if no-one cares about that, please go ahead and squash both


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