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SubjectRe: Missing USB XHCI and EHCI reset for kexec
[Added Mathias  to CC: list]

On Sat, 7 Jun 2014, Benjamin Herrenschmidt wrote:

> I'm trying to kexec from our OPAL FW bootloader (3.10.23 based) to a
> fedora 3.14.3 on a new machine and am still seeing the above.
> A reset brings the chip back.
> Do we have any resolution here ? It looks like the xHCI remains active
> on the way out and is clagged up on the way back in, at least in a
> state the driver really doesn't like.
> And this is a "clean" kexec, not a forced one... This is killing USB on
> the upcoming OpenPower dev machines.

The current xhci-hcd driver includes a quirk flag (XHCI_SPURIOS_WAKEUP)
that causes the shutdown routine to reset the controller. It wasn't
meant for fixing kexec problems, but I bet you could use it for that

In addition, it's possible that a reset is needed in the probe pathway.

Alan Stern

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