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SubjectRe: [PATCH] KVM: x86: Fix lapic.c debug prints
Il 30/06/2014 03:03, Nadav Amit ha scritto:
>>> sipi_vector = apic->sipi_vector;
>>> - pr_debug("vcpu %d received sipi with vector # %x\n",
>>> + apic_debug("vcpu %d received sipi with vector # %x\n",
>> Why don't we just use pr_debug all throughout ?
> I don't know. I just tried to make it consistent, since it really bugged
> me while I was debugging the local-apic.
> If you prefer the other way around (which does seem to be better), I can
> do the search-and-replace.

vcpu number probably could be moved inside apic_debug, at which point
apic_debug becomes preferrable.


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