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SubjectRe: crazy idea (was: Re: [PATCH] perf tool: Carve out ctype.h et al)
Em Mon, Jun 30, 2014 at 04:50:31PM +0200, Robert Richter escreveu:
> On 30.06.14 12:01:15, Borislav Petkov wrote:
> > Well, do you have it as a standalong program? If so, you can put it in
> > a repo somewhere and we can start hacking away and playing with it. If
> > not, we will have to copy the perf code *into* the RAS daemon first so
> > that we can have a separate source on which we all can work on.

> > Someone should be a maintainer of some sorts who merges the patches.

> > And we will continue working on the split so that once the perf tool is
> > properly separated, we can switch to it in the RAS daemon and drop the
> > copied code.

> > This is, to me at least, the best possible thing we can do right now so
> > as not to slow us all down.

> > Any other opinions?

> Perfectly fine with me.

Yeap, guess its the most sensible to do given how things went so far.

Please submit patches when you fix things on code copied from
tools/perf/ and generally when improving it.

- Arnaldo

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