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SubjectMore 3.16 vdso fallout
We've had a report[1] of d-bus getting a SEGV only on i686 machines
with the 3.16 kernel. It's a bit light on specifics, but the relevant
detail seems to be:

"I'm pretty sure kernel is to blame here.

The crash occurs when signal handler for RT signal 33 (used internaly
by NPTL/pthreads) returns to address zero (not sure why).

This only happens with 3.16 kernel, works fine with 3.15."


"Seems to be related to v3.16's arch/x86 VDSO changes. Works fine when
booting with vdso=0."

There isn't an actual backtrace for the SEGV in the bug, but we can
ask for one. The kernels in question should be very recent, but lack
the 5 patch series Andy recently sent as those aren't in Linus' tree
yet. Not sure if those would impact anything or not.



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