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SubjectRe: rtc/hctosys.c Problem during kernel boot
Am 12.06.2014 01:53, schrieb John Stultz:

> You can read some of the previous discussion here:
> I'd be very interested in patches to resolve this!

And the silence as response to my repost of my already working patches
just proved that isn't true.

So (John Whitmore), I suggest to not post patches, Linux kernel
maintainers don't really have an interest in getting things done or to
fix bugs, they just need fresh meat they can review in order to have job
security and prove their status.

I really wonder what's their expectation. Do they really think other
people have to incorporate their (often silly) requests, making the
maintainers themself not responsible for their requested changes? Do
they think other people have fun and time to write and post patches
again and again just to make some arbitrary maintainer happy?

If there really would be an interest, a reasonable approach would be to
just take my patches and put a patch on top with whatever changes
someone thinks are needed. As I don't think there are changes needed, I
will not add such changes using my name as author.

And don't try to tell me I'm uncooperative. I've spend time to write
these patches and even have written documentation I don't need myself.
The uncooperative people which are blocking almost everthing and which
do ignore bugs have become these people which are calling themself Linux
kernel maintainers which do expect other people have to play remote
keyboard and have to take responsibility for changes maintainers don't
want to be responsible for themself.

So the above quoted sentence is just another "marketing" verbiage, at
least in my point of view.

Alexander Holler

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