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SubjectRe: SmPL for automatic request_firmware_nowait() conversion
Luis R. Rodriguez <> :
> I was just porting over an ethernet driver [0] to use request_firmware_nowait()
> since firmware loading seems can take over a minute on one device, while
> at it I noticed no other ethernet drivers yet use this API so figure
> this may be a trend coming if devices are getting as complex as cxgb4.
> The cxgb4 driver happens to even use the firmware API 3 times!

There should be no problem for the firmware requests issued through
ethtool in cxgb4.

> netdev: how worthy is this effort?

Biased comment below :o)

I'm wondering the benefit of automatic API changes when it could be argued
that the symptoms call for driver dependant code rework.

The 60 seconds delay is kind of a pavlovian signal: one can bet that the
driver includes a request_firmware in its probe method. So does cxgb4.

I still believe in the old school "request firmware from".
I've been happy with it since f1e02ed109df5f99abf942b8ccc99960cb09dd38.
This kind of rework may not be trivial for cxgb4. Please get code tested on
real hardware (modular/monolithic build, with/without firmware, etc.) as I
won't argue against your crusade for cxgb4.

Asynchronous firmware loading provides a rather nice high level API but
it's imho not the essence of network devices firmware loading problems.


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