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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/1] net/dsa/dsa.c: remove null test before kfree
On Sat, 21 Jun 2014 10:37:24 +0200
Bjørn Mork <> wrote:

> On 20 June 2014 22:36:47 CEST, Fabian Frederick <> wrote:
> >Fix checkpatch warning:
> >WARNING: kfree(NULL) is safe this check is probably not required
> "probably not" implies that there are cases where the check *is* required. That means that your commit message should explain why this particular check is redundant.
> I haven't analyzed your changes here, so they could be fine for all I know. My point is that such analysis is your job when submitting cleanups like this one.
AFAIK, any


can be updated to kfree(foo) but

if (foo){
do something else

has to be evaluated ; reason for the "probably" in warning message.
If I'm wrong maybe we could be more verbose in checkpatch :)
(I added Joe Perches in Cc list ; maybe he can help here)


> Bjørn
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