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SubjectRe: [Patch V4 00/42] use irqdomain to dynamically allocate IRQ for IOAPIC

On Mon, 9 Jun 2014, Jiang Liu wrote:

> On x86 platforms, IRQ number are statically allocated to IOAPIC pins at boot.
> There are two issues with this design. First it causes trouble to IOAPIC
> hotplug because we need to allocate a block of IRQ numbers for each IOAPIC.
> Second it may waste IRQ nubmers even if some IOAPIC pins are not used because
> IRQ numbers are statically assigned.
> This patchset tries to enable dynamic IRQ number allocation for IOAPIC
> by adopting the irqdomain framework, it solves the two issues mentioned
> above. It also simplifies the IOAPIC driver by consolidating ways to
> program IOAPIC pins with the irqdomain map interface.
> We will enhance the IOAPIC driver core to support ACPI based IOAPIC hotplug
> once the IOAPIC driver has been converted to irqdomain.

I merged the whole lot. Thanks for doing this and reacting on all the
review comments. Very nice cleanup work!



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