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SubjectRe: [PATCH V2 00/19] irqchip: crossbar: driver fixes
On Thu, Jun 12, 2014 at 05:23:08PM +0530, Sricharan R wrote:
> This series does some cleanups, fixes for handling two interrupts
> getting mapped twice to same crossbar and provides support for
> hardwired IRQ and crossbar definitions.
> On certain platforms such as DRA7, SPIs 0, 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 10,
> 131, 132, 133 are direct wired to hardware blocks bypassing
> crossbar. This quirky implementation is *NOT* supposed to be the
> expectation of crossbar hardware usage. This series adds support
> to represent such hard-wired irqs through DT and avoid generic
> allocation/programming of crossbar in the driver.
> This way of supporting hard-wired irqs was a result of
> the below discussions.
> Based on 3.15 mainline.
> All the patches are available here
> crossbar_updates
> The fixes series[1] earlier posted is merged in to this.
> [1]
> [V2] Merged the above series and rebased on 3.15 mainline
> Nishanth Menon (16):
> irqchip: crossbar: dont use '0' to mark reserved interrupts
> irqchip: crossbar: check for premapped crossbar before allocating
> irqchip: crossbar: Skip some irqs from getting mapped to crossbar
> irqchip: crossbar: Initialise the crossbar with a safe value
> irqchip: crossbar: Change allocation logic by reversing search for
> free irqs
> irqchip: crossbar: remove IS_ERR_VALUE check
> irqchip: crossbar: fix sparse warnings
> irqchip: crossbar: fix checkpatch warning
> irqchip: crossbar: fix kerneldoc warning
> irqchip: crossbar: fix memory leak incase of invalid entry
> irqchip: crossbar: return proper error value
> irqchip: crossbar: change the goto naming
> irqchip: crossbar: introduce ti,max-crossbar-sources to identify
> valid crossbar mapping
> irqchip: crossbar: introduce centralized check for crossbar write
> Documentation: dt: OMAP: crossbar: add description for interrupt
> consumer
> irqchip: crossbar allow for quirky hardware with direct hardwiring of
> Rajendra Nayak (1):
> irqchip: crossbar: DRA7: Fix unused crossbar list
> Sricharan R (2):
> irqchip: crossbar: set cb pointer to null in case of error
> irqchip: crossbar: Add kerneldoc for crossbar_domain_unmap callback

Also, I just noticed this when I decided to look at the history of this
driver: Please format the subject lines like so:

irqchip: crossbar: Set cb pointer ...
\-- note the capitalization



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