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SubjectRe: PATCH[[vme/bridges/vm e ca91cx42.c:1382: Bad if test Bug Fix]‏‏

Nick Krause emailed me privately that he's not able to get git to work.
Normally for bug fixes, we would patch this up ourselves.

The offending code was introduced in:

commit 2b82beb8c1bc81b3dde69d16cacbc22546681acf
Author: Martyn Welch <>
Date: Thu Feb 18 15:13:19 2010 +0000

Staging: vme: Add location monitor support for ca91cx42

The |= 0 does look very suspicious and I have a static checker warning
for code like that. Certainly it sounds very authoritative to say that
instead of zero, CA91CX42_LM_CTL_AS_A16 should be (3 << 16). But then
the condition:

if ((lm_ctl & (5 << 16)) == (3 << 16))

is always false... It is puzzling.

I don't know this code and I have no idea what is correct. Was this a
real bug that Nick hit in testing, or was it a static checker fix? He
hasn't told us any of this stuff...

What to do...

dan carpenter

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