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SubjectRe: PATCH[[vme/bridges/vm e ca91cx42.c:1382: Bad if test Bug Fix]‏‏
On Thu, Jun 12, 2014 at 10:33:09AM -0400, nick wrote:
> Here is the fixed patch. Having issues with using Thunderbird
> so just used Evolution for now.
> Nick

Please read the first paragraph of:

It's not clear from reading this email why 0 is incorrect and 3<<16 is
correct. Explain in the changelog. What are the user visible effects
of this bug etc.

The patch must have a signed-off-by line.

Here is what typical patch emails should look like:

The subject should be:

[PATCH] vme: ca91cx42: Bad if test something something

Make sure it apply with `git am` and review the log.

dan carpenter

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