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SubjectRe: [GIT PULL] MMC updates for 3.16-rc1

On Thu, Jun 12 2014, Lee Jones wrote:
>> And I'm not sure why the sunxi driver (by David Lanzendörfer) and the
>> Realtek driver (by Roger Tseng) got merged in two different trees.
>> It's clearly the same patches and drivers, but I got them first
>> through the MFD tree (Realtek) and the clock tree (sunxi) trees and
>> now the MMC tree.
>> Don't you guys talk to each other? The Realtek driver is even marked
>> as Acked-by Chris Ball in the MFD tree.
> Yes, we do talk to each other. Branch ib-mfd-mmc-memstick-3.16 was
> created as a result. Based on no facts at all, I'm guessing that the
> shared (immutable) branch wasn't applied correctly in the MMC tree.

Yes, our fault -- I gave my Ack, but then Ulf sent me the driver in his
PR and I pulled it. Sorry for all the trouble, it was the first cycle
with Ulf and I co-maintaining, and a larger set of commits than usual.
We'll make sure to do better.


- Chris.
Chris Ball <>
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