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Subject[mac80211] send ethernet packet
Hi all,

I am trying to send a custom ethernet packet through a kernel module
(mac80211) and I am facing some problems to understand what I really
need to do.

Until now, I realize that I need to create an "sk_buff" and send it
via "dev_queue_xmit" function. Am I right?

My problem is how to properly create and fill all the needed fields of
"sk_buff" with my data (I only need to pass a number).

In order to give you some context, I am working on a research in IEEE
802.11 and I am developing a mechanism to send the packets in an
energy efficient way. Therefore, I need to employ a specific algorithm
before adding the "Traffic Indication Map" (TIM) into the "Beacon"
frame and, depending on the results of this algorithm, I need to send
an extra message to the station. This is why I cannot simply use a raw
socket in the user space, for example.

Any idea how to achieve my goal? Or any point to a "guide" that help
me to understand what I really need to do?

The kernel version in use is the "3.2.0-4-686-pae".

Best regards,

ps.: I wish to be personally CC'ed the answers/comments posted to the
list in response to my post.

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