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SubjectRe: Disable bus's drivers_autoprobe before rootfs has mounted

On Tue, Jun 10, 2014 at 09:10:00PM -0700, Greg KH wrote:
> > Let's take USB peripheral as an example, there is a device for
> > udc, and a device driver for usb gadget driver, at default, we want
> > the device to be bound to driver automatically, this is what
> > we have done now. But if there are more than one udcs and gadget
> > drivers (eg one B port for mass storage, another B port for usb ethernet),
> > the user may want to have specific binding (eg, udc-0 -> mass storage,
> > udc-1 -> usb ethernet), so the binding will be established
> > after rootfs has mounted. (This feature is implementing)
> Then there better be a way to describe this on the kernel command line
> (i.e. module paramaters), right? Which is a total mess, why not just
> not bind anything in this case and let the user pick what they want?

you can also blacklist all gadget drivers and manually probe them or -
get this - you can refrain from using gadget drivers and use libusbg to
build the gadget drivers out of raw usb functions, then bind them to the
UDC of your liking.

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