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Subject[PATCH 00/63] USB: (mostly runtime PM) patches for v3.16-rc
Turns out that the three current implementations of aggressive runtime
power management in USB-TTY drivers were quite badly broken (and has so
been since first merged in v2.6.27 and v2.6.32).

These patches fix this runtime PM mess, but also do some clean up and
fix a few other issues.

Note that all patches but the cdc-acm ones (and the single wusbcore one)
are usb-serial, but I decided to include them all in one series as
several bugs were reproduced in both cdc-acm and usb-serial.

For reference, I'm responding to the thread with Xiao Jin's initial bug
report, but the full thread is posted to linux-usb only.


Johan Hovold (61):
USB: sierra: fix AA deadlock in open error path
USB: sierra: fix use after free at suspend/resume
USB: sierra: fix urb and memory leak in resume error path
USB: sierra: fix urb and memory leak on disconnect
USB: sierra: fix remote wakeup
USB: sierra: fix characters being dropped at close
USB: sierra: fix urbs not being killed on shutdown
USB: sierra: fix resume error reporting
USB: sierra: fix line-control pipe direction
USB: sierra: remove bogus endpoint test
USB: sierra: remove unused variable
USB: sierra: remove unimplemented set_termios
USB: sierra: remove disconnected test from close
USB: sierra: do not resume I/O on closed ports
USB: sierra: remove redundant modem-control requests
USB: sierra: use interface-data accessors
USB: sierra: clean up suspend
USB: sierra: refactor delayed-urb submission
USB: sierra: minimise no-suspend window during close
USB: sierra: do not resume I/O on closing ports
USB: option: fix runtime PM handling
USB: option: fix line-control pipe direction
USB: option: add missing usb_mark_last_busy
USB: usb_wwan: fix write and suspend race
USB: usb_wwan: fix urb leak at shutdown
USB: usb_wwan: fix potential NULL-deref at resume
USB: usb_wwan: fix potential blocked I/O after resume
USB: usb_wwan: fix discarded writes on resume errors
USB: usb_wwan: fix remote wakeup
USB: usb_wwan: remove redundant modem-control request
USB: usb_wwan: remove unimplemented set_termios
USB: usb_wwan: remove redundant urb kill from port remove
USB: usb_wwan: kill interrupt urb explicitly at suspend
USB: usb_wwan: make resume error messages uniform
USB: usb_wwan: use interface-data accessors
USB: usb_wwan: clean up delayed-urb submission
USB: usb_wwan: remove comment from close
USB: usb_wwan: remove some superfluous comments
USB: usb_wwan: remove bogus function prototype
USB: usb_wwan: report failed submissions as errors
USB: usb_wwan: do not resume I/O on closing ports
USB: serial: fix potential runtime pm imbalance at device remove
USB: serial: remove overly defensive port tests
USB: kobil_sct: fix control requests without data stage
USB: cdc-acm: fix write and suspend race
USB: cdc-acm: fix write and resume race
USB: cdc-acm: fix broken runtime suspend
USB: cdc-acm: fix runtime PM for control messages
USB: cdc-acm: fix shutdown and suspend race
USB: cdc-acm: fix potential urb leak and PM imbalance in write
USB: cdc-acm: fix open and suspend race
USB: cdc-acm: fix failed open not being detected
USB: cdc-acm: fix I/O after failed open
USB: cdc-acm: fix runtime PM imbalance at shutdown
USB: cdc-acm: simplify runtime PM locking
USB: cdc-acm: remove redundant disconnected test from shutdown
USB: cdc-acm: minimise no-suspend window during shutdown
USB: cdc-acm: do not update PM busy on read errors
USB: cdc-acm: remove redundant usb_mark_last_busy
USB: cdc-acm: use tty-port dtr_rts
USB: wusbcore: fix control-pipe directions

xiao jin (2):
USB: usb_wwan: fix urb leak in write error path
USB: usb_wwan: fix race between write and resume

drivers/usb/class/cdc-acm.c | 177 +++++++++++++++++-------------
drivers/usb/class/cdc-acm.h | 2 +-
drivers/usb/serial/bus.c | 14 ++-
drivers/usb/serial/kobil_sct.c | 22 ++--
drivers/usb/serial/option.c | 13 ++-
drivers/usb/serial/sierra.c | 198 ++++++++++++++++++++--------------
drivers/usb/serial/usb-serial.c | 38 +++----
drivers/usb/serial/usb-wwan.h | 6 +-
drivers/usb/serial/usb_wwan.c | 234 ++++++++++++++++++++--------------------
drivers/usb/wusbcore/wa-rpipe.c | 4 +-
10 files changed, 390 insertions(+), 318 deletions(-)


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