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SubjectRE: [PATCH 3/3] ie31200_edac: Add driver
>> Btw, this driver is polling, AFAICT. Doesn't e3-12xx support the CMCI
>> interrupt which you can feed into this driver directly and thus not need
>> the polling at all?
> On the system with the ce and ue events that I'm testing on, I don't see
> 'MCE' nudge above 0, in /proc/interrupts. So I think that implies that
> we are not getting any CMCI there?

CMCI will bump up the "THR" (Threshold) entries in /proc/interrupts.

> So if possible maybe we can confirm with Intel whether we expect an MCE
> for memory errors...

MCG_CAP bit 10 tells you whether a given processor implements CMCI.
If that is set - then MCi_CTL2 bit 30 indicates whether a given bank
supports it (Linux tries to set this bit, if it sticks, then it knows that CMCI
is supported - Linux also assigns ownership of the bank to the first cpu
to successfully set it (since a bank may be shared by multiple threads/cores
on a package).

Consumed uncorrectable errors should generate a machine check. Which
on the E3-12xx series will be a fatal machine check: MCi_STATUS.PCC=1


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