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SubjectRe: [PATCH 4/5] mm: use paravirt friendly ops for NUMA hinting ptes
On 08/04/14 14:09, Mel Gorman wrote:
> David Vrabel identified a regression when using automatic NUMA balancing
> under Xen whereby page table entries were getting corrupted due to the
> use of native PTE operations. Quoting him
> Xen PV guest page tables require that their entries use machine
> addresses if the preset bit (_PAGE_PRESENT) is set, and (for
> successful migration) non-present PTEs must use pseudo-physical
> addresses. This is because on migration MFNs in present PTEs are
> translated to PFNs (canonicalised) so they may be translated back
> to the new MFN in the destination domain (uncanonicalised).
> pte_mknonnuma(), pmd_mknonnuma(), pte_mknuma() and pmd_mknuma()
> set and clear the _PAGE_PRESENT bit using pte_set_flags(),
> pte_clear_flags(), etc.
> In a Xen PV guest, these functions must translate MFNs to PFNs
> when clearing _PAGE_PRESENT and translate PFNs to MFNs when setting
> His suggested fix converted p[te|md]_[set|clear]_flags to using
> paravirt-friendly ops but this is overkill. He suggested an alternative of
> using p[te|md]_modify in the NUMA page table operations but this is does
> more work than necessary and would require looking up a VMA for protections.
> This patch modifies the NUMA page table operations to use paravirt friendly
> operations to set/clear the flags of interest. Unfortunately this will take
> a performance hit when updating the PTEs on CONFIG_PARAVIRT but I do not
> see a way around it that does not break Xen.

Acked-by: David Vrabel <>

It passed my mprotect() PROT_NONE -> PROT_READ test case so

Tested-by: David Vrabel <>

I'll leave it up to the x86 maintainers to decide which fix to take.
This one or the more generic "x86: use pv-ops in


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