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Subject[PATCH V4 0/5] Add Exynos5 USB 3.0 phy driver based on generic PHY framework
Based on 'next' branch of Kishon's phy tree (linux-phy).
Tested on 'usb-next' of Greg's usb tree.

Changes from V3:
1) Separated out the phy init sequences for utmi and pipe3 phys.
2) Changed the nomenclature across the phy to 'usbdrd-phy' to
indicate USB 3.0 DRD PHY controller; and thereby changed the names
of functions correspondingly, including specific functions for
utmi and pipe3 phys.
3) Modified the DT nodes for the updated nomenclature.
4) Using BIT macro for single bit definitions.
5) Keeping track of reference clock after getting till the removal of
phy, and getting the ref clock using devm_clk_get() api.
6) Removed aliases for mutiple channel PHYs, and instead using
'samsung,pmu-offset' property for PHY power control register offset.
7) Keeping the phy_init() and phy_power_on() separately in order to
align with phy handling in the consumer (DWC3).

Changes from v2:
1) Added support for multiple PHYs (UTMI+ and PIPE3) and
related changes in the driver structuring.
2) Added a xlate function to get the required phy out of
number of PHYs in mutiple PHY scenerio.
3) Changed the names of few structures and variables to
have a clearer meaning.
4) Added 'usb3phy_config' structure to take care of mutiple
phys for a SoC having 'exynos5_usb3phy_drv_data' driver data.
5) Not deleting support for old driver 'phy-samsung-usb3' until
required support for generic phy is added to DWC3.

Changes from RFC patch-set:
1) fixes in documentation file
- added provision for syscon interface for using PMU register.
- added clock names and description
- modified description style for 'compatible property'
- made usb30_sclk as additional clock rather then making it optional, since
it is actually an additional clock for Exynos5420 Soc.
2) fixes in phy-exynos5-usb3 driver file
- removed unnecessary #ifndef around KHZ and MHZ definitions
- removed 'samsung_cpu_type', 'usb3phy_state' enums; and merged necessary
necessary from 'usb3phy_instance' structure to 'usb3phy_driver'.
- changed name 'sclk_usbphy30' to 'usb30_sclk_100m' since this is the name
indicated as input to the PHY block; and also added (!IS_ERR()) check for
using usb30_sclk.
- removed unnecessary 'state' check code.
- moved 'of_device_id' structure definitions before 'probe()' to avoid
unnecessary declaration.
- added (pdev->dev.of_node == NULL) check at the starting of probe()
- moved 'devm_of_phy_provider_register()' call to end of the probe().
- removed 'label' for usb3drd phy.
- corrected macros definition 'PHYCLKRST_MPLL_MULTIPLIER_50M_REF' from
0x02 to 0x32 after confirming same from PHY's data sheet.
- replaced pmu register handling, used for power-isolation, with syscon
interface api's.
- added '.init' and '.exit' callbacks and using them for one time
PHY-initialization and deinitialization.
- Filtering out the PHY 'power-on' and 'power-off' sequence to '.power_on"
and ".power_off" callbacks.
- Removed drivers/usb/phy/phy-samsung-usb3.c driver and related code.
3) fixes in dt files
- added reference for 'samsung,syscon-phandle' to used for PMU register.
- removed second register field which was earlier used for PMU.

Vivek Gautam (5):
phy: Add new Exynos5 USB 3.0 PHY driver
dt: exynos5420: Enable support for USB 3.0 PHY controller
dt: exynos5420: Enable support for DWC3 controller
dt: exynos5250: Enable support for generic USB DRD phy
usb-phy: samsung-usb3: Remove older phy-samsung-usb3 driver

.../devicetree/bindings/phy/samsung-phy.txt | 42 ++
arch/arm/boot/dts/exynos5250.dtsi | 21 +-
arch/arm/boot/dts/exynos5420.dtsi | 54 ++
drivers/phy/Kconfig | 11 +
drivers/phy/Makefile | 1 +
drivers/phy/phy-exynos5-usbdrd.c | 668 ++++++++++++++++++++
drivers/usb/phy/phy-samsung-usb.h | 83 ---
drivers/usb/phy/phy-samsung-usb3.c | 350 ----------
8 files changed, 785 insertions(+), 445 deletions(-)
create mode 100644 drivers/phy/phy-exynos5-usbdrd.c
delete mode 100644 drivers/usb/phy/phy-samsung-usb3.c


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