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Subjectlinux-next: strange state of the kbuild tree
Hi Michal,

I noticed that you have two copies of two commits in your tree ("Kbuild,
lto: Set TMPDIR for LTO v4" and "Kbuild, lto: Add Link Time Optimization
support v3"). I understan why you recommitted them (to add your
Signed-off-by), but to leave the unsigned commits in there sort of
defeats the purpose. This is probably a case where you should have
removed the original merge (or just these two commits) and then merged
the new version.

I am not sure what you intend to send to Linus, but this whole tree (in
one piece) should not be it. From the state of the tree, it looks like
you send your separate topic branches (or a new merge of them) which
should be ok, but please after doing that, clean up your for-next branch
(it current has merge commits dating back to May, 2103 in it).
Stephen Rothwell
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