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SubjectRe: [PATCH 00/38] tick cleanups and bugfixes
On 15 April 2014 05:08, Thomas Gleixner <> wrote:
> And that's wrong to begin with.
> Bugfixes first and then all other stuff. We dont want dependencies of
> bugfixes on cleanups, reordering of code ...

Correct, should have taken care of this initially :(

> Now looking at the thing some more, it contains gems like this:
> - printk(KERN_ERR "tick-broadcast: ignoring broadcast for "
> - "offline CPU #%d\n", *oncpu);
> + printk(KERN_ERR "tick-broadcast: ignoring broadcast for offline CPU #%d\n",
> + *oncpu);
> If you fix that line wrap issue, why do you not change
> printk(KERN_ERR) to pr_err() as well?
> is happy, right?

I did this for one patch and missed it for other.. I will fix all printk's in
kernel/time/ now :)

> Please send me the next series in the following way:
> - send a bug fix series, which does nothing else than fixing bugs.


> when that is applied, then
> - send a small batch of improvements for a particular issue and not a
> mixed bag of random patches.

Okay.. Thanks.

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