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Subject[RFC][11/11][MANUX] Suggestion : /proc files
Now, a second suggestion : in /proc, besides the pids and the /proc/self
symlink, there are several files that have a length of 0 (according to
stat(2)), but actually have a non-empty content. What about making these
files character-mode device files? I mean, a file whose content is
virtual an whose size is unknown at stat(2)-time, this seems to
correspond more closely to character-mode files that to regular ones.

That's just an idea that came to me, I've not tried it myself, and
perhaps there are compatibility considerations that prevent such a
modification. But even if there is this problem, this doesn't precludes
making any future file in this way. What do you think about it?

Anyways, that was it. Thanks for your attention, and happy hacking!


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