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SubjectRe: 15-rc1: radeon modesetting fails
Hi Christian,

On Tue, Apr 15, 2014 at 11:28:55AM +0200, Christian König wrote:
> Hi Borislav,
> that's a known issue and should be fixed in the next rc, see this
> bugreport:
> You might also want to try my branch with 3.15 fixes which includes
> the necessary patch for this:
> Let me know if that branch works for you or not.

so I went and merged your branch as you suggested. Btw, on its tip it

commit ec02666dd0791312b5820e1a9a023681d99d07ec
Author: Quentin Casasnovas <>
Date: Tue Mar 18 17:16:52 2014 +0100

drm/radeon: memory leak on bo reservation failure. v2

(just checking whether I got the right one)

and, unfortunately, no change - same problem. Let me know if I should
bisect the subset of 59 radeon patches which went in during the merge

Btw, just in case, I went and updated radeon firmware in
/lib/firmware/radeon/ from upstream but it didn't change anything.

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