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SubjectRe: [PATCH 3/4] x86/insn: Extract more information about instructions
(2014/04/15 12:12), Masami Hiramatsu wrote:
> (2014/04/15 2:44), Sasha Levin wrote:
>> arch/x86/lib/x86-opcode-map.txt provides us quite a lot of information about
>> instructions. So far we've discarded information we didn't need to use
>> elsewhere.
>> This patch extracts two more bits of information about instructions:
> These information looks obscure to me. What information (documents)
> does it based on? Could you give me how would you get it?
>> - Mnemonic. We'd like to refer to instructions by their mnemonic, and not
>> by their opcode. This both makes code readable, and less confusing and
>> prone to typos since a single mnemonic may have quite a few different
>> opcodes representing it.
> I don't like to call it as "mnemonic", it is just "operation".

Ah, I see what you are doing now. Hmm, you'd like to generate a mnemonic-ID
and its macros for each opcode, wouldn't you?
Even though, it seems waste of memory that we have both opcode and mnemonic-ID,
can you integrate that? for example, you can use insn->opcode.value instead of
checking each opcode bytes.

Thank you,

Software Platform Research Dept. Linux Technology Center
Hitachi, Ltd., Yokohama Research Laboratory

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