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SubjectRe: [Patch v2 00/14] Thunderbolt support for Apple MBP
On Fri, Apr 11, 2014 at 02:24:47AM +0200, Andreas Noever wrote:
> Hi
> This is version 2 of my Thunderbolt driver for Apple hardware (see [1] for v1).
> The short story is that Apple decided to implement hotplug support in a driver
> instead of the firmware. The firmware will only initialize coldplugged devices.
> Hotplugged devices do not work.
> This series adds support for single device hotplug (no chaining) for the Cactus
> Ridge C4 Thunderbolt controller (device id 0x1547, present on MacBookPro10,1).
> As far as I can tell newer generations work quite similar and it should be
> possible to add support for more controllers with some work.
> Changes from v1:
> - suspend/hibernate support (yeah)
> - general cleanups and refactoring
> >From my perspective the driver is working quite well and is ready for merging
> (maybe someone can tell me whom I should ask to get a review?). I have taken
> some care to not stomp on tunnels setup by the firmware for coldplugged
> devices. If this works as intendend then there should be no regressions
> (coldplugged devices continue to work and simple hotplugged devices will start
> working). In particular the Apple Ethernet adapter works very well (and this is
> probably the most used TB device out there).
> Some notes:
> - The patch requires Matthew's acpi_osi fix [2]
> - @pci, Bjorn: I hope patch 12 is acceptable. If there is a better way to do
> this please let me know.
> - Thunderbolt displays: I have a pretty good idea on how they should work, but
> I did not yet write any code to support them. Also judging by the replies I
> got for v1 of the patch it seems that there are some graphics driver problems
> even with coldplugged tb displays (at least on MBP models with discrete
> graphics cards).
> - Hibernate gotcha: The amount of available memory reported by the firmware
> depends on whether a tb device is connected. This makes Linux refuse to
> restore the saved image. This has nothing to do with this driver, but you might
> run into it during testing.

Very nice work with all of this, I never thought I would ever see this
happen for Linux. Of course, I now can't find my thunderbolt ethernet
device around here anymore to test this out, I'll go get another one


greg k-h

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