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Subject[RFC 0/5] perf: Create hist_entry groups
This patchset creates a new layer of hist entry objects called
hist_entry_groups. The purpose is to help organize the hist_entries
into groups before sorting them. As a result you can gain a
new perspective on the data by organizing the groups into cpu, pid
or cacheline. See patch 5 for sample output.

The main driver for this patchset is to find a way to sort and display
cacheline data in a way that is useful. My previous attempts seemed
hackish until I realized cacheline sorting is really just a collection
of hist_entries. Anyway that was my focus for doing this.

The overall idea looks like:

hist_entry_group <<< new object

Implementing this was not pretty. I tried to seperate the patches the
best I could. But in order for each patch to compile, patch 4 turned into
a 1400 line diff that is mostly noise.

Also, this patchset breaks most tools (mainly because I don't understand
all the interactions), hence the RFC. I mostly tested with 'perf report
--stdio' and 'perf mem report --stdio'.

Please let me know if this is an interesting idea to go forward with or not.

Don Zickus (5):
perf: Wrap __hists__add_entry to prep for group entry change
perf: Use macros to walk hist entries
perf: Add in stub hist_entry_group code
perf: Switch to using hist_entry_group
perf: Enable multiple hist_entry_group output

tools/perf/builtin-annotate.c | 13 +-
tools/perf/builtin-diff.c | 127 +++++-----
tools/perf/builtin-report.c | 14 +-
tools/perf/builtin-top.c | 22 +-
tools/perf/tests/hists_link.c | 124 ++++------
tools/perf/ui/browsers/hists.c | 40 +++-
tools/perf/ui/gtk/hists.c | 80 ++++---
tools/perf/ui/hist.c | 29 ++-
tools/perf/ui/stdio/hist.c | 97 ++++++--
tools/perf/util/evsel.c | 7 +-
tools/perf/util/hist.c | 512 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++------------
tools/perf/util/hist.h | 29 ++-
tools/perf/util/sort.c | 183 ++++++++++++++-
tools/perf/util/sort.h | 138 ++++++++++-
14 files changed, 1017 insertions(+), 398 deletions(-)


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