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SubjectRe: [RFC PATCH RT] rwsem: The return of multi-reader PI rwsems
On 04/10/2014 04:44 PM, Clark Williams wrote:
> The means of each group of five test runs are:
> vanilla.log: 1210117 rt.log: 17210953 (14.2 x slower than
> vanilla) rt-fixes.log: 10062027 (8.3 x slower than vanilla)
> rt-multi.log: 3179582 (2.x x slower than vanilla)
> As expected, vanilla kicked RT's butt when hammering on the
> mmap_sem. But somewhat unexpectedly, your fixups helped quite a
> bit and the multi+fixups got RT back into being almost
> respectable.
> Obviously these are just preliminary results on one piece of h/w
> but it looks promising.

Is it easy to look at the latency when you have multiple readers and
and a high prio writer which has to boost all those readers away
instead just one?
Or is this something that should not happen for a high prio RT task
because it has all memory already allocated?

> Clark


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