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SubjectRe: [PATCHSET 00/21] perf tools: Add support to accumulate hist periods (v9)
On 4/1/14, 12:58 PM, Namhyung Kim wrote:

>> gdb attributes 0x10370 to a different/known symbol.
>> (gdb) x /i 0x10370
>> 0x10370 <get_cie_encoding+160>: cmp $0x4c,%dl
>> Is this known? Could this possibly be caused by stale histogram entries from
>> unmapped/remapped shared libs?
> Possibly.
> Anyway the addr which perf reported is a mapped address so that it's
> pointless to use the addr directly - it's 7f1b0c963370 in fact.

Right - that's the address I'd use if the process in question is still
running. But gdb <dso name> followed by relative addresses could still
tell us what the right symbol was?

> What was the exact command line though - did you use any filter
> (--comms, --dsos, --symbols) or event modifiers? Those are another
> possible culprits since map searching code touched by recent changes.

There were no other filters. The command used was just "perf top".

> I'm not able to reproduce the problem on my machine. It'd be great if
> you could bisect or let me know how to reproduce it easily.

I don't have a solid repro either. Involves building a binary, running
"perf top" and waiting for a few mins until that warning popup appears.

Will try to git bisect and figure out potential culprits.


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