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SubjectRe: [PATCH] x86: set Pentium M as PAE capable
> We routinely expect 2 to 3 u-s jitters on an Atom board running a 32 bit, 
> RTAI enhanced build of what is by now a 5 year old kernel. This is
> extremely board sensitive, and that same kernel running on this 4 core
> phenom, cannot stay inside of 40 u-s. A case of more horsepower not being
> a good deal at all.

Can't speak for AMD devices but I would be curious to know more on the
Intel side about this and how you measured and analysed it.

Are you running with any hyperthreading disabled, a firmware which is not
using SMM, and with any critical code pinned in cache ? How do you have
power management set up ?

(probably best taken off list)


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