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SubjectRe: [PATCH] i2c: mv64xxx: Fix compilation breakage

> > I think there is something wrong with an interface that makes you use
> > IS_ERR_OR_NULL(). If you are calling reset_control_get_optional(), that'
> > should not return an error when there is no reset controller listed
> > in the device tree. We should still have a way to propagate -EPROBE_DEFER,
> > or bail out if there is a reset controller but there is something wrong
> > with it, but otherwise I'd suggest just leaving NULL as a valid pointer
> > in drv_data->rstc and making sure that the reset controller functions
> > can just deal with a NULL argument, so you never have to check it again.
> Actually, it's not the reset framework but the driver itself that
> needs this. The framework will always return an error pointer here,
> but we won't ever call reset_control_get_optional if we are not probed
> with DT, and in that case, we will have NULL is data->rstc, hence why
> we need to use IS_ERR_OR_NULL.
> We should probably fix the reset functions, but maybe that can come
> later so that we have marvell's defconfig fixed?

Yes, let's fix that incrementally.

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