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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2] x86: hpet: Don't default CONFIG_HPET_TIMER to be y for X86_64

* Feng Tang <> wrote:

> On many new phone/tablet platforms like Baytrail/Merrifield etc, the
> HPET are either defeatured or has some problem to be used as a
> reliable timer. As these platforms also have X86_64, we should not
> make HPET_TIMER default y for all X86_64.


If the HPET is unreliable on a specific platform then any of the
following solutions would address the problem (in order of

- the hardware should not expose it. Why waste silicon on something
that does not work?

- or the firmware should not expose it. Why expose something that
does not work?

- or the kernel should have a quirk to reliably disable it. Why
should we crash or misbehave if a driver is built into the

tweaking a default is _NOT_ a solution for an unreliable hpet.



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