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SubjectRe: Adding compression before/above swapcache
On 03/28/2014 08:36 AM, Dan Streetman wrote:

> Well my general idea was to modify shrink_page_list() so that instead
> of calling add_to_swap() and then pageout(), anonymous pages would be
> added to a compressed cache. I haven't worked out all the specific
> details, but I am initially thinking that the compressed cache could
> simply repurpose incoming pages to use as the compressed cache storage
> (using its own page mapping, similar to swap page mapping), and then
> add_to_swap() the storage pages when the compressed cache gets to a
> certain size. Pages that don't compress well could just bypass the
> compressed cache, and get sent the current route directly to
> add_to_swap().

That sounds a lot like what zswap does. How is your
proposal different?

And, is there an easier way to implement that difference? :)

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