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SubjectRe: [PATCH v4 0/5] KVM: x86: flush tlb out of mmu-lock after write protection

A suggestion: please send a new mail to ask question, especially,
when your question is not related to the patches, so that others
will probably discover the topic and join the discussion.

On 03/26/2014 12:25 AM, Hu Yaohui wrote:
> Hi Guangrong,
> Since you have written in the kvm/mmu.txt.
> <quote>
> unsync:
> If true, then the translations in this page may not match the guest's
> translation. This is equivalent to the state of the tlb when a pte is
> changed but before the tlb entry is flushed. Accordingly, unsync ptes
> are synchronized when the guest executes invlpg or flushes its tlb by
> other means. Valid for leaf pages.
> </quote>
> This make sense to me, my question is when those unsync bits will be
> set? When the guest writes to the level 1 guest page tables, it will
> not cause a page fault. Those unsync bit is unlikely to be set when
> the entry is modified. (correct me if I am wrong).

The bit is set in mmu_need_write_protect() where the host makes decision
if the page need to be write-protected (!unsync) or to be unsynced.

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