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SubjectRe: mvsdio: unhandled interrupt, mmc writes queuing up
On Wed, 19 Mar 2014, Bruno Prémont wrote:

> Hi,
> Since upgrading my Sheevaplug from 3.7.2 to 3.13.6 (FDT) I'm seeing
> mvsdio f1090000.mvsdio: unhandled interrupt status=0x8810 en=0x0000 pio=0
> at varied timings.

It has been many years since I've looked at the code for this driver.
I'm therefore including Thomas Petazzoni to the CC list as he appears to
have been the most active since then.

The reported status seems to indicate missing data in the context of a
transfer with CMD12, and a CRC error ensued of course.

At this point I'd suggest testing intermediate kernels between 3.7 and
3.13, and try bisection until you find the offending commit.

> I get same results with 3.14-rc7.

Excellent, that reduces the search space significantly. You can do a
git bisect directly.

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