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SubjectRe: Tasks stuck in futex code (in 3.14-rc6)
> > 
> > Infact I can reproduce this if the java_constraint is either node, socket, system.
> > However I am not able to reproduce if java_constraint is set to core.
> What's any of that mean?

Using the constraint, one can specify how many jvm instances should
participate in the specjbb run.

For example on a 4 node box, I can say 2 jvms per constraint with
constraint set to node and specjbb will run with 8 instances of java.

I was running with 1 jvm per constraint. But when I set the constraint
to node/System, I keep seeing this problem. However if I set the
constraint to core (which means running more instances of java), the
problem is not seen. I kind of guess, the lesser the number of java
instances the easier it is to reproduce.

Thanks and Regards
Srikar Dronamraju

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