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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 11/15] arm64: add EFI stub
On Tue, Mar 18, 2014 at 10:21:05PM +0000, Jason Gunthorpe wrote:
> On Tue, Mar 18, 2014 at 02:48:30PM -0700, Roy Franz wrote:
> > > It isn't clear to me if UEFI does cache flushing at ExitBootServices
> > > time, but even so, at least stack use will get cached between then and
> > > the kernel entry point. The stub could conceivably get its hands on the
> > > EFI memmap and invalidate dcache using address ranges from UEFI memory
> > > descriptors so maybe that is the way we should do it.
> > I looked at the UEFI spec and there is no mention of cache flushing
> > in ExitBootServices(), so it seems it is up to the OS to do any
> > cache management.
> Something to think about: On mvebu we recently confirmed a situation
> where turning off the L1 cache is not sufficient for booting. The L2
> cache must also be completely off and disabled prior to jumping in to
> the kernel.
> The issue is the decompressor turns the L1 cache back on, and if the
> L2 is also enabled at this point then it gets filled with
> decompression data. Things go wrong from here because after
> decompression the L1 dcache is switched off, but the L2 isn't
> flush-invalidated.
> So now the L2 holds writeback data and uncached reads return garbage,
> and/or the L2 misses the uncached writes (eg relocation fixup) and
> becomes inconsistent with memory. Either case gives a black screen
> crash at boot.
> Fundementally if the L2 doesn't monitor uncached read/writes then it
> will cause a big problem.

Yes, that's a problem on (ARMv7) SoCs booting in non-secure mode with
external L2 already enabled. For ARMv8 at least, the SoCs I've seen with
external caches detect the data cache by MVA ops.

> Thus, if the UEFI calls the sub with the caches on, and the stub
> doesn't know enough to turn off the L2 then you might not be able to
> turn the dcache off at all. :(
> On ARM64 at least the L1 cache ops are standardized so maybe ARM64
> could keep the mmu+caches enabled during boot and do the L1
> d-flush/i-inval required for instruction coherency?

We thought about keeping the MMU on from EFI_STUB into the kernel but it
gets messier since UEFI has different MMU settings. So with some sane
external cache, we could get away with flushing a range.


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