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SubjectHello Kieran
Hello Kieran!!

Dennis has an AMD laptop, NP535U3C-A04DE, and found it to be 9
(which I guess was an off by one in his modification
of the userspace workaround and was really 8):

I found it to be 8 for me, both in the patch and in my new userspace workaround
(which doesn't ask for the same event twice now that it pauses for 1ms,
as the kernel does too):

ANd I think I saw someone else with 8 too but don't remember where.

BUT, there might be more laptops existing or future, samsung or other,
that might queue more than 8. Li Guang (
said that he saw EC firmware's with 32, and that true maximum is 255.

So in my opinion it's best to put max. iters. at 255.


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