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SubjectRe: The sheer number of sparse warnings in the kernel
* H. Peter Anvin ( wrote:
> The number of sparse errors in the current kernel is staggering, and it
> makes sparse a lot less valuable of a tool that it otherwise could be.
> On a build of x86-64 allyesconfig I'm getting 20,676 sparse messages.
> Out of those, 12,358 come from linux/err.h. Given that the latter
> basically spams *everything*, I can only conclude that almost noone uses
> sparse unless they have a filter script.

I did a bit of sparse fixing a few years ago; my strategy then was to
get used to which types of warnings were more likely to be real
and ignore all the rest - it was the only way to find anything useful from

There were some that were very fruitful; the warnings for gfp_t types were
great at spotting where someone had swapped the parameters to kmalloc
for example.

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