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SubjectRe: [PATCH] powerpc: warn users of smt-snooze-delay that the API isn't there anymore
On 02/24/2014 08:53 PM, Madhavan Srinivasan wrote:
> On Saturday 22 February 2014 05:44 AM, Cody P Schafer wrote:
>> /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu*/smt-snooze-delay was converted into a NOP
>> in commit 3fa8cad82b94d0bed002571bd246f2299ffc876b, and now does
>> nothing. Add a pr_warn() to convince any users that they should stop
>> using it.
>> The commit message from the removing commit notes that this
>> functionality should move into the cpuidle driver, essentially by
> Would prefer to cleanup the code since the functionality is moved,
> instead of adding to it.

We'd still want users of the interface to use an attribute wired up
under the cpuidle/ dir, so a warning (to update their software) is still
needed. As deepthi has noted, cpuidle right now doesn't support changing
this on a per-cpu basis, so a "cleanup" isn't a simple matter.

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