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SubjectStable backport of cifs nlink workaround?

Is there any chance that 74d290da476f672ad756634d12aa707375d3564d
([CIFS] Provide sane values for nlink) could be backported to the stable
3.2 kernel?

The reason I ask is because if you Using a Debain Wheezy box with a
3.2.41-2+deb7u2 kernel the following is problematic:

Mount a share using cifs from a Windows 2008 machine on to 2008share
Use Samba 3.6 to export the share as //linux/2008share
Using a Windows 2012 machine browse to \\linux\2008share

because the directories will appear to be files to the Windows 2012

On the Debian box doing
stat 2008share/dir
Device: 18h/24d Inode: 844424932383132 Links: 1

Using a Fedora 20 box with a 3.13.3-201.fc20.x86_64 kernel to do the
same says:
Device: 27h/39d Inode: 844424932383132 Links: 2

In Jeff mentions
that if there were demand a RHEL 6 customer could ask for a backport so
it looks like the change is isolated enough to be put into stable... also talks about the

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